The Good, the Best and the Awesome

Let’s get straight to the point: no company is perfect, and Dalma Robotics is not an exception on that count. With that said, we do acknowledge our soft spots and actively work on them with full-blown, widespread transparency and honesty. We also try to keep tabs on overdrive, so we really value our chill time. Harmony is key. If this sounds like a good place to be around, then you should probably join us. Oh, yes, and we also make robots – so there’s that.


Welfare Communal Budget

A communal budget to spend on whatever, as long as it contributes to our hapiness.

Extra Paid Leave

Our robots may live forever but we won’t. Extra leave days so you can enjoy life.


Spacetime Flexibility

As long as our commitments get fulfilled, you define your spacetime continuum.

Individualized Perks

You can tailor your compensation package according to your needs.


Our next wave of recruitment is expected to open in November 2021. Stay in touch to know more.