The Good, the Best and the Awesome

Let’s get straight to the point: no company is perfect, and Dalma Robotics is not an exception on that count. With that said, we do acknowledge our soft spots and actively work on them with full-blown, widespread transparency and honesty. We also try to keep tabs on overdrive, so we really value our chill time. Harmony is key. If this sounds like a good place to be around, then you should probably join us. Oh, yes, and we also make robots – so there’s that.


Welfare Communal Budget

A communal budget to spend on whatever, as long as it contributes to our hapiness.

Extra Paid Leave

Our robots may live forever but we won’t. Extra leave days so you can enjoy life.


Spacetime Flexibility

As long as our commitments get fulfilled, you define your spacetime continuum.

Individualized Perks

You can tailor your compensation package according to your needs.



Administrative and Operations Assistant

Porto, PT


Business Developer

Porto, PT

Junior and Intermediate

Electrical Engineer

Porto, PT

Junior and Intermediate

Mechanical Engineer

Porto, PT


Product Manager

Porto, PT


Project Manager

Porto, PT

Experienced and Senior

Robotics Engineer

Porto, PT


Systems Engineer

Porto, PT

Can we help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you elaborate on the process and calendar for this wave of recruitment?

Yes, gladly.

Step 1 – Screening and First Call (December 2021 to January 21st)

In this first step we will screen candidates, probably follow-up with a short phone call. We will try to answer to every application, but our experience tells us that is going to be very hard to do systematically – we’re still only a handful of people. Thus, if you don’t hear from us shortly after the deadline, you may assume you were not selected.

Step 2 –Interview and Written Challenge (January 1st to February 28th)

At this stage we will make a 30-45min interview with each candidate. We will present our strategy and vision, the intricacies of the job, and the compensation conditions. All these points are open for debate. We will also ask you to answer to a short written challenge. You will know if you are selected or not at the end of this step’s deadline.

Step 3 – Visiting Dalma and Handshake (January 21st to March 15th)

If you are selected in the previous step – and if you are still interested in joining us – we will follow-up with a visit at our premises. We will get to know each other and hopefully begin our story as colleagues. We are aware this is Winter and that Covid-19 may play its tricks on us, but we will make an effort to have these visits. Our work may be about robots, but we are still just humans who need a personal touch (pun intended).

Step 4 – First Day at Dalma (March-May 2022)

Most roles are expected to start work at Dalma around between March and May, depending on each candidate’s specific constraints, naturally. I any case, this will be discussed at each previous step.

Please check our website regularly for any updates concerning the positions and the calendar.

Sorry, my timing doesn’t work with that calendar at all

Well, if that’s your one and only obstacle, call us and explain it to us. If you are really interested and you believe you are a good fit for Dalma, we can probably do something about it.

Do you work with HR consultancy companies?

Not at the moment.

I don’t meet the exact requirements for the role. Should I apply anyway?

It really depends. We are not RPG characters with min-maxed skills, so we obviously need to adapt. With that said, we also need some critical skills and experience for this next stage that simply can’t be replaced. We would say to use your common sense, but we know that’s not saying a lot. In general, please don’t apply if you are way off target (e.g. a 2-year-experience junior applying for a 5-7- year required experience role). As a rule of thumb, you should apply if your experience/seniority level meet the requirements perfectly, even if your skills don’t meet the full criteria – or the other way around.

What else should I know before I apply?

You could start by reading this article (the last part, most importantly). It also wouldn’t hurt to learn more about Dalma beforehand. There’s several resources online.


What can I expect in the way of compensation and perks?

We follow an indicative method for guiding our compensation policy, and that is fully transparent to everyone at Dalma. If salary is your primary concern, you can ask us directly. We won’t waste your time. We also have global perks that apply to everyone (extra paid leave, health insurance, communal budget), but we are open to negotiating other perks that you may find more valuable. We usually do not mention our awesome office and overall working conditions, because we don’t think that should be a bragging point, but rather a basic assumption.

What about working remotely? Isn't that a thing?

Working remotely is fine and we do it all that time, but it is not our default schedule. On one hand, we work with hardware, and that’s incompatible with a fully remote working schedule for the majority of roles. On the other hand, we are still a new company that is slowly building its ranks, and to that end there is nothing like human contact. Nevertheless, we work from home often and our global policies are reevaluated frequently to accommodate our ever-changing wills — and the demands imposed by Covid-19, naturally.

Do I need a recommendation?

I don’t know. Do you? You don’t need it, but it wouldn’t hurt either. Or, putting it another way: if you are a 7-10 year industry professional, you probably have a good standing among your peers – show us that.