Administrative and Operations Assistant

As a seasoned Administrative Assistant at Dalma you play a multipurpose and ever-busy role. You will interface with everyone on the team and provide support to the operation. You have a strong experience with numbers, finance, and administrative processes, because one of your main jobs is tending to accounting and legal matters. You will also spend some time on procurement tasks to support the engineering teams, interfacing with suppliers and ensuring everything runs smoothly with our orders. You will also assist with typical administrative work, such as answering the phone, tending for the global schedule, organizing documentation, and looking out for fires (philosophical and literal fires).


  • Perform and provide support in administrative tasks
    • Prepare mandatory and recurrent documentation
    • Interface with the accounting office
    • Ensure compliance to HR standards and legal obligations
    • Keep all documentation in pristine order and proper locations
    • Procure and acquire office stationery and support material
    • Take care of incoming and outgoing mail (the old-school snail mail)
    • Keep an eye on the company schedule and help out on events and visits
  • Support the product and project teams in procurement tasks
    • Contact sellers for prices and information
    • Place and keep track of orders
    • Maintain relevant documentation pertaining to purchases
    • Perform incoming inspections and support with material returns/NCs
  • Review and proof-read documents

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • People love you for your easy-going nature. You are a pool of energy and good vibes
  • “Organization” is your middle name. You OCD over small details, especially when relating to ka-tching (€€€)
  • You can keep your cool in a stressful situation and positively spread it to your colleagues
  • You know engineers don’t always speak people language, but you can easily communicate with them
  • You are a smooth operator. Some things and people require tact, and you can circumnavigate those pitfalls

Experience Requirements

  • 3 to 7 years’ experience in similar and relevant roles
  • Background with engineering companies and/or startups is a huge plus
  • Proficiency with IT tools, especial MS Office: Word and Excel (mandatory), Teams, Planner, and Powerpoint
  • Formal education in accounting, secretariat, or any relevant area is valued
  • Superior communication skills, both orally and in written form. Portuguese is mandatory, English is highly recommended