Business Developer

As a business developer you are the market spearhead at Dalma Robotics. You will scout and scour the market for new and strategic leads. Balancing the short-term needs of the sales and product teams, with the long-term strategy of the organization, you will uncover and propose new deals, new partners, and new verticals. You will meet with prospects, conduct and lead bids and tenders, and write full-fledged business proposals. Travelling and stepping on the shop-floor is a second nature to you, always keeping a keen and sharp eye on customer pain points and potential opportunities. You will contribute to market research and intelligence, paving the way for new products, features and services. Your colleagues may be catching fire with product development issues, but you are always there to cheer them up with a new multi-million-euro contract.


  • Researching and mapping the market, competition, and relevant players
  • Reaching out to prospects and presenting Dalma’s value proposition
  • Visiting potential customers and partners, and capturing relevant market data
  • Interfacing with other key stakeholders, such as sales, marketing and product teams, thus contributing to product strategy and roadmap
  • Leading bids and writing business proposals together with other stakeholders
  • Contributing to business and market strategy

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • You are all about networking and relationships – probably a party animal, too
  • You love speaking and converting people to your ideals, but you also know when to shut up and listen to the pains of others – especially the customers’
  • You are a focused and resilient doer, but also a visionary strategist who understands the value of a long-term relationship
  • In fact, you love business and strategy, and you have a solid grasp on finance and P&L basics
  • You are a resilient, autonomous, and enthusiastic optimist who never gives up

Experience Requirements

  • Any relevant academic degree/training (engineering background is valued)
  • 3-7 years’ experience in B2B business development and/or sales in hardware-focused industries, such as, robotics, automation, manufacturing, etc (mandatory)
  • Proven track record in fostering, conducting, and closing high value deals
  • Experience with startup environments and early-stage products is preferred
  • International experience is highly valued
  • You must write and speak like a champion, both in English and Portuguese
  • We hope you like to travel because you will have to. A lot