Junior and Intermediate

Mechanical Engineer

As part of the Hardware Team you will contribute to the design, prototyping and testing of our robots and related accessories. You will dig deep into structural design and analysis, kinematics and dimensioning, among other technical fields. You will design whole machines from scratch, including hands-on prototyping and testing. Writing documentation and sticking to quality practices is also part of the job, so you will be dedicating some attention to that as well.


  • Working with the Hardware Team and executing the R&D and Product tech roadmap
  • Dimensioning and designing mechanical structures and components
  • Making calculations and performing analysis (e.g. FEA)
  • Writing technical documentation, such as design description documents, test plans, etc
  • Procuring and selecting components and subsystems
  • Breadboarding and testing new concepts and whole robots

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • You love robots in particular, and machines in general.
  • You have several pet projects and some scars to prove it
  • You are inventive and innovative, yet you know how to stick to a deadline when needed
  • You are not a design bot, but an actual engineer who can create, calculate and size machines
  • Besides robots, you also go along with humans

Experience Requirements

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, or equivalent
  • 1-3 years (Junior) or 3-5 years (Intermediate) of hands-on experience in any/all the following relevant fields:
    • Design of industrial machines
    • Design of mobile robots, especially AGVs/AMRs
    • Automation and industrial systems
    • Powertrains and traction systems
  • Hands-on professional experience with mechanical systems is required. Show us your projects
  • Experience with CAD (e,g., Solidworks, CATIA, Solidedge, etc)
  • Knowledge of materials and the most common mechanical elements
  • Design for Manufacturability: knowledge of manufacturing processes and techniques
  • Knowledge of tooling, moulding, material injection, and die casting is highly valued
  • Experience with C++, Python, ROS, OpenCV and robotics in general is also highly valued (not mandatory)