Project Manager

As Project Manager your daily struggle will be making things happen on time, on schedule and on quality. You may have to oversee multiple projects at the same time, which range from big endeavors in scope and duration -such as the development of a new product- to small, one-off initiatives. Your colleagues will trust you to keep an oversight of all project-related activities and will need your support and decision when a schedule conflict arises. You are the orchestrator, interfacing with cross-functional teams of engineers and other stakeholders. The perfect Project Manager will be able to gracefully balance the demands of all stakeholders, while keeping a productive and harmonious work rhythm leading to a successful project delivery.


  • Interfacing with the dev team to translate functional and non-functional requirements into actionable initiatives
  • Defining and controlling the scope, work packages and deliverables of the project
  • Creating, communicating, and executing a development plan, ensuring the buy-in of all stakeholders
  • Organizing project files and document configuration
  • Proposing and controlling the project schedule, ensuring proper meeting of milestones and deadlines
  • Conducting progress meetings and promoting a project-oriented mentality among all stakeholders
  • Control the project budget and keep key stakeholders informed of its status
  • Mentor and support younger and less experienced colleagues, especially in tasks outside their comfort zone

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • Empathetic communicator – you know what to say, and how to say it
  • Systems-oriented mindset – you naturally divide the whole into smaller parts
  • Ability to ruthlessly prioritize and maintain focus
  • Planning is a second nature to you. You plan everything
  • Ability to multitask across different projects while keeping engagement and productivity
  • Financially savvy – numbers are important, and you know how to show it

Experience Requirements

  • Degree in a relevant engineering field (robotics, mechanics, electronics, industrial, physics)
  • Background in space, aeronautics or automotive is highly valued
  • 3 to 7 years’ experience in similar and relevant roles
  • Formal education in, or experience with, any classical (e.g. PMI, PRINCE, ESA ECSS) or agile PM framework
  • Superior communication skills, both orally and in written form. English is mandatory
  • Experience with cross-disciplinary products and/or projects, involving both hardware and software, from blueprints to shop floor
  • A stellar track record of project management is mandatory