Experienced and Senior

Robotics Engineer

As part of the Robotics Team, you will work on the individual and collective intelligence of our robots. This is a mixed role with several possible career paths and specialization. You will research, develop and improve navigation algorithms, stress test other colleagues code, and develop new features from scratch. ROS, python and C++ are your bread-and-butter, but you may have to specialize in specific systems, sensors, or technologies, from LiDAR to computer vision.


  • Working with the Robotics Team and executing the R&D and Product tech roadmap
  • Researching and scouring the state of the art of autonomous navigation
  • Developing, adapting, and improving theoretical and practical algorithms, in code and paper
  • Improving signal gathering and processing methods
  • Testing assumptions and new developments, both in virtual models and real robots
  • Troubleshooting at customer premises
  • Writing and keeping technical documentation up-to-date

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • You are a geek and you devour everything robots-related
  • Pet projects and breaking stuff are not hobbies, but rather a second nature to you
  • You are inventive and innovative, yet you know how to stick to a deadline when needed
  • Besides robots, you play well along with other people

Experience Requirements

  • Degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or equivalent;
  • 3 to 7 years (Experienced) or 7+ years (Senior) of cumulative experience in any/all the following relevant fields:
    • Robot development/programming via ROS;
    • SLAM algorithms and techniques;
    • Computer vision applied on robotics;
    • Testing and deployment of robot and automated systems.
  • Hands-on professional experience with robots is required
  • Native user of Linux and ROS 1.0/2.0;
  • Experience with C++, Python and Matlab;
  • Extensive knowledge of navigation and perception methods, non-deterministic processes, non-linear solvers, both in theory and in practical scenarios,
  • A stronggrasp of hardware, electronics, sensors, and actuators