Systems Engineer

As the System Engineer you will be the main focal point for complex engineering systems. You will interface with the key stakeholders, such as specialty team leaders, product managers and project managers, in order to ensure that the team is building the right thing, the right way. Together with the dev teams, you will translate functional requirements into the technical requirements, define a suitable product architecture and system tree, thus providing technical clarity to all stakeholders. Organization is key in this role, as you must keep the system well documented and crystal-clear for everyone else to understand its full scope. You will act as a translator and mediator during tough technical trade-offs and try to balance short-term needs with long-term scalability and multi-product synergies.


  • Deriving technical requirements from the higher-level functional requirements
  • Controlling and updating the technical requirements according to the product strategy and steering decisions
  • Defining system architecture, together with the relevant stakeholders
  • Evaluating and approving competing technologies and methods
  • Owning the whole system, understanding all its features and failure modes
  • Coordinating the interfaces with the Team Leaders, especially in cross-functional topics
  • Meeting with the TL’s regularly, keeping them synced, engaged and aligned with the system goals
  • Conducting and leading design reviews and other critical checkpoints
  • Engaging with external stakeholders
  • Defining, organizing, writing and keeping all system-level documentation, such as requirement specification and matrices, manuals, procedures, tests, FMEAs, instructions, development logs, etc

Superpowers 🦸‍♀️

  • System-oriented thinking (mandatory cliché, sorry): you easily decompose systems into smaller subsystems, components, and you can validate them individually and as a whole
  • An uncanny ability to devour everything tech-related. You have the same hunger for all the technical fields that compose your system, and you yearn to learn everything there is to know about them
  • Ability to communicate fluently and precisely with other fellow engineers, while being able to translate the most intricate and geek concepts to non-tech stakeholders
  • You have a solid knowledge of related disciplines, such as Product Management, Production and Verification
  • Thorough, methodical, organized, and autonomous. You can stick to a schedule without support, and you keep all records up to date, clean and orderly

Experience Requirements

  • Academic background in a relevant engineering field (electrical, mechanical, physics, industrial)
  • 5 to 7 years’ experience in similar and relevant roles, in the aerospace, aeronautics or automotive industries
  • A stellar track record with cross-disciplinary products and/or projects, ideally involving both hardware and software
  • Experience with system engineering tools and methods (e.g. NASA, ESA ECSS, V-Model), requirement and configuration management, and related fields
  • Extensive knowledge of electrical drivetrains, battery systems, command and control systems and methodologies, sensors and actuators – and everything else that composes a mobile robot
  • A robust knowledge of software design and implementation methods, frameworks, tools and jargon is a nice plus
  • Experience with ROS, Linux, Python and Javascript is highly valued