End-to-end Integration

FEATS is a solution that was developed in the scope of the DIH2 program. Dalma developed FEATS together with DURIT to help them automate its raw material supply process with just one system, which connected three agents: their own ERP system, a vertical automated warehouse, and Dalma’s own AMR system. Such endeavor was achieved by using the innovative FIWARE framework, which aims to facilitate the integration of smart solutions by open standards. Now, with FEATS in place, the company no longer uses printed work orders, relying instead on ERP-generated orders which are automatically carried out by the AMR.

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Simple and Effective

This is a straightforward and cost-efficient solution developed specifically for DURIT’s use case. The HARP AMR Platform together with Navia Software allowed for a quick and effective deployment of an automated transport solution with minimal changes to the preexisting infrastructure, which includes an outdoor area. Transportation of semi-finished products is no longer performed manually and the employees can now focus on their value-added tasks instead.

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