Dalma in a Nutshell

Dalma provides end-to-end, tailored cyber-physical system based our Autonomous Mobile Robots and software tools. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to different environments and workflows, and we have the know-how to support you through the whole process – from requirement formation, through solution design, to the installation of the last machine. If you are unsure Dalma is right for your business, please read along and let us change your mind.

Dalma Robotics PCB


Your robot colleague

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are collaborative machines imbued with intelligence. Designed and programmed to safely operate near humans, AMRs are able to navigate naturally without any sort of support infrastructure, avoiding obstacles in their path, until they complete their goal. More than a simple machine, an AMR is a co-worker that never tires.

HARP Modular Platform

The HARP Modular Platform is an AMR framework that allows customization to every need of every business. From a common foundation of architecture and logic, Dalma can quickly adapt and deploy cost-efficient AMRs. They can be light or heavy, large or small, indoor or outdoor – or any combination of the previous – while integrating an array of standard or custom-made accessories. Whatever your case, HARP is the solution.


Industrial Compact

‣ 300 kg loading capacity
‣ Fits regular doors
‣ Multipurpose and ruggedized


Industrial Heavy

‣ 2.000 kg loading capacity
‣ Ruggedized for rough environments
‣ Optimized for warehouse operations



‣ 50 kg loading capacity
‣ Compact and lightweight
‣ Ideal for commerce and services



NAVIA is a powerful C2I platform – Command, Control and Intelligence – that focuses on simplicity, modularity and functionality. NAVIA is straightforward, saving you time and money, while sparing the pain and cost of unnecessary features and steep learning curves.

Scalable and Future-Proof

NAVIA is smartly built as a scalable and modular framework that allows adding on-demand features, as well as integrating and connecting third-party software and machinery.
Together with the HARP Modular Platform, NAVIA lets you take control of your business’s processes and operations, bringing your company into the future of cyber-physical cognitive systems, IoT and robotics.


Versatile Solutions

Our solutions are applicable to a wide array of scenarios and user needs. The HARP modular AMR platform, together with the Navia toolchain, allows Dalma to solve your automation problems wherever they are. Well, with the exception of Space – for now.

Hospitals, clinics and labs
Commerce, Restaurants and Hotels
Factories and Assembly Lines
Warehousing, Logistics and Retail


Don’t worry. We’ll take care of everything.

We evaluate your pain points and specific needs.

We make you an offer you can’t refuse.

We work our magic and build you a solution.

We deploy and commission the solution.

We take care of it. You don’t worry. At all.

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