Dalma Robotics


An Unconventional
Approach to Work

Whether you are a client or a colleague, working with Dalma is different. Maybe we are not better, but we are certainly different. By working with us you can expect plain and straightforward communication at all times. We don’t have time nor patience for mumbo-jumbo, and we are very serious about our commitments. On the other hand, we always try to be tactful, empathetic, and compassionate towards everyone; our robots may not have feelings (yet), but humans do. Let us know if we can help you with an automation challenge – or if you’d like to join the team.


Values and Principles

Values and principles are a big thing to us.
Our strategies may change, but our values are strongly ingrained in our mindsets, in our way of working, and of conducting business. If you are customer, a friend, a partner or a prospective new colleague, it’s important you understand that our values guide us, and that we always uphold them.





Dalma Robotics
Dalma Robotics


It’s not about robots.
It’s all about humans.

The human brain is a jewel. Yet, we still waste its potential with abject and tedious tasks – pushing carts around, checking inventories, cleaning the floor… you name it. We believe our brains and souls would be better off dreaming, designing and creating, instead. As such, our vision is to automate business processes based on a collective intelligence of machines that communicate with each other, exchanging data, learning, and optimizing their own workflow, regardless of a central system, thus freeing human minds from non-value-added tasks. It’s not about robots, it’s about helping humans reconnect with their humanity.